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Nhân sự Wildland Resort

Họ là những Quản lý cao cấp tại Hệ thống Wildland Resort Phú Quốc.
Wildland Resort

Wildland Resort

Nguyễn Thanh Bình

Nguyễn Thanh Bình

Giám đốc Điều hành Wildland
Chu Thị Hương

Chu Thị Hương

Quản lý Wildland Resort
Nguyễn thị Duyên

Nguyễn thị Duyên

Lễ tân Wildland Resort

Khách hàng đánh giá về Wildland Resort

Những nhận xét của Khách hàng khi trải nghiệm Dịch vụ tại Wildland Resort.
  • We have had a very nice stay, we could relax after our busy trip through Vietnam.
    Friendly people, nice swimmingpool. We had a warm welcome and the staff was very helpful, very friendly and open minded. Wildlands is cosy and it is a quit place, exactly what we hoped for.
    The weather was not fantastic, it was the rainy season. But we could use the umbrella of the resort.

  • Road work being done on the road to get there but is only a temporary issue.
    Quiet, right on the beach. Has a nice pool and is a small resort so is very laid back and chill. The staff was friendly and very helpful.

  • Perfect to relax away from the tourist hotspots ”.
    The food in the restaurant was not our first choice so we ate at other places after the first day. Maybe think about a smaller menu.
    Little paradise on Phu Quoc After 3 days of Saigon this was just perfect to relax and enjoy the ocean - big private bungalows with all you can ask for - nice pool area with bar - nice beach area with hammocks - reasonable prices for minibar, laundry, etc. - good breakfast What made this place extra special was our friend Thang at the reception who was so exceptionally nice and helpful, always trying to make our stay as pleasant as possible. If you read this, thanks a lot and keep up the good work!


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